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Hand-Held Cement Mixers are a great way to mix up small batches of concrete for domestic projects.

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Robust, reliable and affordable Cement Compactors which get the job done everytime.


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Affordable, reliable cement mixers

When you are embarking on a building project, it is essential that you have the correct tools for the job which will allow you to work safely, efficiently and more easily. Cement mixers are a key part of many build jobs, allowing you to quickly mix up the cement and concrete required for a larger scale project.

A cement mixer is used for mixing up all the parts required to make concrete.  Generally, this is a blend of cement, sand or gravel plus water.  Most cement mixers feature a revolving drum to mix up the components – far easier than mixing by hand! Here on the Cement Shop, we have a fantastic selection of electric cement mixers and concrete mixers to buy online, saving you the hassle and time of going out to a specialist store.

Our great range of cement mixers online features some of the best known and market-leading brands in the world of concrete and cement mixing. Choose the perfect cement mixer with Cement Shop and our great prices!


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How to Choose a Cement Mixer

As a cement mixer is a vital part of many building jobs, it is important that you know how to choose a cement mixer which will suit the job you are planning!
picture of a cement mixer

The Different Types of Cement Mixers

A cement mixer is actually the name we give to concrete mixers - they are machines used to mix up the various parts which create concrete.