picture of a cement mixer

A cement mixer is actually the name we give to concrete mixers – they are machines used to mix up the various parts which create concrete.  There are different types of cement mixers on the market, so knowing which type is right for you can be tricky if you are unsure! Here is a brief guide to the different types of mixer available to you:

Batch Mixers

These are commonly used for mixing concrete. The concrete mix obtained by this mixer is collected a batch at a time, hence it is called a batch mixer! These can come as drum type or pan type mixers, where as the name may suggest, the concrete ingredients are either mixed in a drum or a pan.  The typical mixer you see being used in the UK is a drum mixer, with the revolving drum doing all the hard work of mixing. This is one of the most popular types of cement mixers. All of our electric cement mixers are batch mixers.

Tilting or Non-Tilting Drum Mixers

There are different times when you may want a tilting mixer compared to a non tilting mixer.  As the name suggests, the tilting mixer discharges the concrete by tilting the drum downwards. This is great for large scale projects where a lot of concrete will be required.  Non tilting mixers are not able to tilt, and the drum rotates slightly differently. The drum can be opened at two ends and has the materials pured through one end and collected through the other. This style is more suited to smaller projects.